Dear Founders,

Thanks for having the vision, courage and determination to create a society. For having a dream which has turned into our present reality. You were determined and creative and generous. It was not an easy task! A lot of appreciations as well as a lot more of applauses which you deserve because the work you have done for the welfare of our college not every one actually have these many guts to do so. The contributions you have made to this chapter before the five years back have been invaluable to us. We actually just need more people like you, if we actually wish to make Ipec as an ideal one for all of us. We are warm-heartedly thankful to you for making our college life entertaining. We wish you much luck in your future endeavours.

Sankalp Malhotra

Anshul Bhatia

Abhay Jain


Chestha Damija

Divya Bajaj

Jai Jagwani

Jai Kishan Raghav

Jasnidh Kaur Ahuja

Kshitij Saksena

Mohit Kumar

Nishant Singh

Nitish Raturi

Suneet Srivastava


Team 2022
Devansh Mittal
Chair Person
Ajay Pal
Vice Chair Person
Anubhav Chitragupta
Anisha Aggarwal
General Secretary
Abhishek Singh
Membership Chair
Aditi Yadav
Harsh Chaudhary
Technical Head
Ayushi Jain
Event Head
Vibhuti Mandral
Documentation Head
Swati Raman
Joint Secretary